Rainy season is finally here, and so does the challenge of what to wear! None of us want to ruin our clothes and shoes, but still desire to look fashionable and stylish.
Here I am with few tips of how to dress up with two of my favorite outfits to wear.
1. Wear light and breathable fabric.
2. Avoid synthetic clothing.
3. Always say yes to denim, it’s the best clothing option I have come across in this season.
4. Say hi to jumpsuit and loose pants if you want comfort with fashion.
5. Wear light and natural make up.
6. And never forget to carry an umbrella.
Now here I am with 2 of my favorite outfits from Vinamralata.
These are the best sellers and the most popular outfits right now. Have a look…
1. Ruffle jumpsuit
2. Denim culotte set
Write up by Rhea Sachdeva